At the end of the 90's, I lived a very different life. I was a translator, successful in my profession, but not completely fulfilled professionally. I felt that something was missing. I felt the need to be more useful, but I had no idea what to do, what direction to take.

I had been studying astrology since I was a teenager, but I had never thought of astrology as a profession for me. Astrology totally blew me away, first, as a powerful healing tool.

In 1999, I had several chronic health problems that had worsened over the years, some of which had been born with me.

When I realized the healing potential of astrological mathematics in my life, literally taking away physical pain that no painkiller could stop... I realized that continuing to be a translator was no longer an option.

I spontaneously and joyfully took on the commitment to bring this healing tool to people who, like me, desperately need alternatives to get rid of pain, to heal themselves, to improve themselves internally and externally.

I was maliciously criticized in the beginning by "friends" for making mistakes that every beginner makes when starting a new professional activity. They were criticisms that tried to ridicule me and dissuade me from the decision to dedicate myself exclusively to astrology.

I am grateful with a heart full of joy for the pettiness and meanness of such criticism. I used them to seed the field of my new professional activity, which today, more than 20 years later, has only flourished, bringing blessings to me and to everyone I have the honor of supporting in the discovery of the path to growth and healing, even if modestly.

At that time, astrology helped me to understand that I actually had very few friends. Astrology even has this merit, of having helped me finding out who are my true friends.

Visiting the beginning of my career as an astrologer, while I am writing this text, is very healing. A beginning that was very hard, was disciplining, because to achieve healing and improvement, you need discipline.

To visit that arid and inhospitable beginning, with much gratitude and joy, to realize that the atmosphere was arid, but the soil never was.


This phrase defines my transition from translator to astrologer. I had to trust and jump into the abyss. And the net APPEARED.

Translation and astrology strike me as analogous professions. I often say that before, I translated from one language to another, and today, I translate astrological mathematics into human life events.

This translation shows how astrology reflects the human experience in a fascinating and very useful way for all of us who are in this mysterious and fantastic journey inside these two spaceships: the human body and the planet Earth.

Thanks to the main responsible for the creation of astrologico.org, my partner and life partner Timotej Valentin Rojko, a genius, who put in this life project many hours of effort, dedication, frustrations, studies, love for what he does and with his wit and ability to achieve, turned a dream into reality. May the Higher Power always repay you with great health, prosperity, joys and achievements!

This celebratory text for the inauguration of the astrologico.org platform is what my entire trajectory as an astrologer has been, a tool for healing and gratitude. Astrologico.org is the result of more than two decades of hard work, learning, effort, dedication and healing.

Thank you to all of you who participated and still participate in this journey with me. May we heal and move forward, together. Always. Towards the planetary transition!

With love, Lilian C Moraes

August 19, 2021, 6:30 am European Time