What is Astrology?

Astrology is the art and science of reading and interpreting the sky, a millenary art with over 5000 years of history across many eras and civilizations, which continues to adapt and evolve together with mankind’s technological and evolutionary progress. A comprehensive system of symbols that tells us stories about human life and gives us clues about why things happen the way they do.

Astrology uses precise astronomical measurements and calculations to create a snapshot of the sky representing a specific moment in time and space. This snapshot contains the positions and coordinates of all the planets in our solar system and lays them out as symbolical “chart”.

An example of an Astrological "chart"

The symbology contained in an Astrological chart is a mirror of our world, a reflection of the micro in the macro, as above so below, like a synchronized clock. The mathematical interactions and orbital movements of the planets reflect the energetic qualities of time and space as we experience it on Earth.

By studying their patterns and understanding these qualities, a competent interpreter is able to consistently provide accurate and meaningful information about nearly everything in human life. Astrology is not only about “horoscopes” or about one’s “zodiac sign” as many believe, it is much more complex and deeper than that, it’s a system with endless possibilities.

Astrology combines the precision of mathematics and empiric statistics with the subtle art of interpretation of symbols and intuitive reading to form a comprehensive body of knowledge through which one can obtain valuable insights and guidance that no other form of psychology, coaching or therapy can provide.

With it we can obtain awareness and strategies to capitalize on our talents and affinities, and guidance to overcome our issues and traumas. It shows us who we were born to be, what truly makes us happy and satisfied, and it warns us against wasting time and energy on the wrong things. It gives us a unique insight into the flow of time, it tells us when and how to capitalize on our moments of strength, and when and how to prepare for difficulties and challenges ahead. It is personal and unique for each one of us, its guidance is tailored specifically for our own individual life, like our very own instructions manual or guidebook.

Astrology It is not connected to any faith, religion or belief system. It is pure mathematics, astronomy and interpretation of symbols.

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