Astrology and COVID-19

We are currently living in difficult times, the coronavirus pandemic is affecting thousands of people every day and costing the lives of many. We are all involved in this battle and, as Astrologers, we want to help people as much as we can with the knowledge that was bestowed upon us.

We are currently offering special packages and discounts tailored specifically to help people live through these difficult times.

How can Astrology help?

Astrology can help in many ways, but the most useful methods for this situation are Transits and Event Charts.

These two techniques have the most relevance and the highest short term benefits for dealing with this crisis. They can help you prevent a possible infection by informing you when to go out and when to stay at home as well as when to get vaccinated to avoid potential side effects.


For the duration of the pandemic, we will be offering a special interpretation consisting of Planetary Transits focused on Fast Planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars) and important parts of Lunar Transits.

This interpretation will study your personal Transits as well as world-wide Transits and calculate the best days for you to go out, days where the chances of infection or other complications are low, and inform you of the most dangerous days, days when the chances of infection or other complications are the highest.

These Astrological Transits show us a reflection of not only our state of mind, decision making abilities and luck, but also the state of our own bodies. Dangerous days are the days reflecting that our bodies are weaker, tired, stressed, vulnerable, and therefore more susceptible to infection, whereas good days are those reflecting that our bodies are going through a strong moment, they are energized and full of vitality, therefore they are better prepared to fight off and prevent an infection.

This discounted interpretation offers a written report of Planetary Transits, including Fast Planets and important parts of Lunar Transits during a period of 6 months.

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Event Chart

A special Event Chart interpretation focused on medical procedures and vaccination will also be offered while the pandemic persists.

This interpretation will calculate the best moment for you to undergo a medical procedure such as a surgery or a vaccination. This exact moment in time will be carefully calculated to ensure the highest probabilities of success and lowest possibilities of side effects. We will study your Natal Chart, your Transits, world-wide Transits and other factors to pinpoint the dates and times where your physical body will be at its peak strength to endure any invasive or risky procedure.

If you are about to undergo a surgery or about to get vaccinated against covid-19, doing so in the right moment can drastically increase the chances of success.

This discounted interpretation will give you a specific date and time, and a detailed written report on the reflections of that date, its expected outcomes and any important factors to consider depending on the type of procedure you wish to undergo.

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